5 Tips to Boost your Recovery!

Recovery is a measure of how well your body rejuvenates itself from your activity and lifestyle factors the day before. WHOOP is a wearable device that helps quantify recovery. Their wearable also comes with an app to help analyze daily activities so that you can see how each activity impacts your recovery the next day.

WHOOP analyzed all the data from members to uncover the TOP 5 ways to improve recovery! The outcomes were quite interesting!!

The number 1 way to boost recovery is HYDRATION!! Water makes up the vast majority of our body. Keeping up with proper hydration habits helps to ensure your organs, cells and tissues are properly built to accomplish their job.

The number 2 way to boost recovery is consuming TURMERIC! As healthy as turmeric is, we didn’t think it’d be in the top 2! But as we think about it, the American lifestyle is FULL of inflammatory risk factors. From diet to stressful days, inflammation is rampant throughout out bodies. Turmeric’s active component, curcumin, is a powerful anti inflammatory. If you’re looking for a simple recovery boost, try adding some Golden Milk to your daily routine.

Speaking of inflammation, the number 3 way to boost recovery is to AVOID consuming DAIRY products. Dairy, specifically the mass produced pasteurized, homogenized varieties causes massive inflammation in the body. We’ve also been lied to about the bone building benefits of a glass of milk. The ratio of calcium to other minerals actually causes cow’s milk to remove calcium from our bodies.

Ahhh the great outdoors! The number 4 way to boost recovery is to SPEND TIME OUTSIDE. Fresh air can spike our mood. Sunshine can provide us with vitamin D and improve sleep quality. We’d love to see a deep dive on time spend outside in a city vs in a rural environment, but for now, prioritize outdoor time EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The number 5 way to boost recovery is to SLEEP IN BED WITH YOUR PARTNER. Love is a powerful emotion. Companionship is an essential nutrient. The WHOOP statistics show that recovery is better on nights when partners sleep together than it is when one of the partners is away. Show your partner some gratitude because his or her presence is enough to make you just a smidge healthier than you would be without him or her. If you’re single, maybe letting your beloved pup sleep in bed with you will provide the same health benefits.

Incorporate 1 or all of these 5 tips to help boost your recovery on a daily basis!

Yours in Strong Performance for Life

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