Athletic Performance and Posture

Athletic Performance and PostureIf you want to be an elite athlete, it is imperative to fix your posture. Poor posture is associated with pain, depression, disability, decreased spinal cord velocity, low energy, sleep problems, digestive issues and more. Recently a connection has been made between posture and athletic performance.

Moustafa et al. took a group of pain free college athletes and assessed the impact of Forward Head Posture on athletic performance. The study looked at:

  • T-Test Agility – measures change in direction, acceleration, deceleration and lateral movement
  • Vertical Leap for leg power
  • Stork Static Balance Test
  • Y-Balance Test for dynamic balance
  • For all of these tests, the college athletes with poor posture measured significantly worse than the college athletes with good posture. More importantly, the worse the athlete’s posture was, the worse their performance was in each of the tests. This shows that even a small change in your posture can have an impact on your athleticism. When working on strength and performance, every little bit counts, even when it comes to posture.

    Moustafa et al. unveiled important information for any athlete who wants to be faster, stronger, more agile and balanced. If this is your goal, it is imperative that you work on your posture.

    Share this information, it needs to get out to the public. For the most reliable postural correction, find a qualified CBP chiropractor to correct your posture. Don’t let your athleticism be diminished by something controllable like posture. Good news, at SPC we are qualified CBP chiropractors who can help you in multiple areas of athletic performance, including postural correction.

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