The CBP technique combines postural corrective exercises, postural corrective adjustments, and spinal traction in order to restructure the spine into its optimal position. Through different stresses in our lives, the spine becomes injured and can shift out of place. Once the spine is out of its normal alignment, it will not return to its normal, neutral position without help. In these cases, the doctors of Strong Performance Chiropractic implement CBP in order to restore the normal structure to a patient’s spine.

This technique involves other services such as radiographic and postural analysis. Home care equipment and home exercise instruction will also be provided, when deemed necessary, with the objective to aid in restoring proper posture by restructuring ligaments and muscles, breaking up scar tissue, and retraining the nervous system.

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​Patients will be instructed on how to use the home care equipment and will be evaluated periodically. CBP allows the doctors to treat the underlying cause of dysfunction for the patient.​​​

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