Metabolic Crisis

88% of adults are metabolically unhealthy. You might think you’re safe from being metabolically healthy if you’re not overweight, but even 82% of healthy weight individuals fall into the category of metabolic inflexibility. We are so inundated with sugar and refined carbohydrates in the American diet that we’ve lost our agility to burn anything but sugar for fuel.

We are designed to switch from a sugar burning mode to a fat burning mode with ease. This switch allows our body to focus on healing, hormonal regulation, gut healing, brain and nervous system regeneration, detoxification, and more.

Our metabolic health is in such disarray that we’ve damaged our protection from cardiometabolic diseases: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney failure. This is vitally important information. We need to work to correct this issue or our “health care” system is going to be even more overwhelmed by these diseases.

These diseases are preventable, but to prevent them we need to be smarter than the big food industry and strong enough to say no to sugar laden foods that are addictive. It starts with taking your health into your own hands and learning about the foods that destroy your health. It starts with choosing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and fueling your body with lifestyle and food choices that promote health and healing within your body.

One way to improve your metabolic health is by slowly incorporate different styles of fasting into your routine. Start slow, by simply eating dinner an hour earlier or having breakfast an hour later. Your body is designed for this. Here’s a few resources for you to start a fasting or intermittent fasting routine: Fast Like A Girl by Dr. Mindy Pelz –

Fast This Way by Dave Asprey –

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