Mountains of Goals

Have you ever wondered why our logo at SPC is a mountain? The SPC Logo is all about the journey of accomplishing goals. Once a goal is set, you embark on a mission to accomplish many small goals along the way.

The journey to any goal is not a straight line. We must pivot, turn and adapt to new variables. The journey is full of wins and losses. We must learn from losses and celebrate the wins. The various peaks of the SPC mountains represent the various mini goals that we set for the ultimate goal. The valleys represent the setbacks we experience along the way. Losses and setbacks are a necessary component of the journey. This is where we learn and grow.

Next time you see the SPC logo, think about your goals. How can you utilize SPC’s mountains to visualize the journey you are on with your goals? There are 5 total peaks in the SPC Mountain range. Use the shorter peaks to set 4 mini-goals that will help you accomplish the ultimate goal. The highest peak should represent the pinnacle goal.

Now that you’ve set mini goals, don’t focus completely on the peak! Select the most tangible mini-goal and put your focus there. When you pass the first peak, turn your focus to the next peak, but don’t forget to celebrate! Use this momentum to propel you towards the next level; use the energy to keep you going even if you experience a setback as you approach any of the mini-goals.

The SPC mountain range is here for you. Keep the SPC logo in your mind as you embark on the journey to your goals (or grab a sticker and keep it on your favorite notebook or water bottle for a constant reminder). Here’s a link to our favorite blank journal and one of our favorite guided journals to keep you in strong pursuit of your goals. SPC is alway here for you!

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