​The Power Plate is equipment that the doctors of Strong Performance Chiropractic utilize for implementing Whole Body Vibration (WBV) in patient care. This technology was developed by NASA for assisting with rehabilitation for astronauts when they return from space. It is designed to activate the body’s natural response to vibration. The platform vibrates up and down, side to side, and forward to backward at a frequency of 25 to 50 Hz. Many professional and collegiate athletes train on the Power Plate because of the incredible benefits.

These benefits of WBV include decreasing body fat and cellulite, increasing circulation of blood flow, increasing bone density, promoting lymphatic flow, improving strength gains, increasing flexibility, promoting pain reduction, improved balance and reaction time, and so much more. It can help an athlete get stronger or rehabilitate to return to the field after an ACL tear. It can also help prevent falls in elderly people and help overweight people breathe better. The benefits do not stop there. Do not underestimate the power and effectiveness of WBV and the Power Plate. The Power Plate is the best system for WBV, so that is why the doctors choose this technology over any other WBV system out there. The doctors at SPC research for quality and standards in all supplements, instruments or equipment that they utilize in the office and the Power Plate passed the test.

Aside from implementing the Power Plate in patient care, the doctors also offer Power Plate personal training session. Call today for information about Power Plate classes and improving your strength. Schedule a new patient exam to see how the Power Plate can help you regain your health for Strong Performance for Life!

For more information and some of the research and published studies on WBV and the Power Plate:

Power Plate Research Power Plate Published Studies
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