Recovery Hack: The Denneroll. 

An appropriately prescribed Denneroll is a fantastic tool for recovery. The Denneroll is the only patented spinal orthotic on the market with peer-reviewed research proving its effectiveness. 
The Denneroll has been shown to change the curvature of your spine. The curvature of your spine is what dictates your posture. How does this impact recovery? It has been shown that physical stress can negatively impact your posture by altering the curvature of your spine. Physical stress shortens the ligaments of your spine which changes the alignment of the spine. The denneroll works to correct this misalignment by stretching the ligaments of your spine back to their optimal length. Once the ligaments are stretched, your posture is corrected.
Physical stress is a natural component of a strength and conditioning routine. We intentionally stress our bodies when working out so that we can get stronger, faster, and healthier. In order to get the most benefit out of our strength and conditioning, we need to incorporate recovery to offset the stress we just put on our body. Next time you’re doing mobility and stretching as part of your recovery program, don’t forget to bring your properly prescribed Denneroll so that your spinal ligaments get the attention they need.
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