Strong Performance Pillars

SPC was designed by two athletic, sport loving chiropractors who are passionate about the importance of being STRONG. The doctors combined their knowledge and experience to design the SPC Lifestyle and Treatment Protocols. The doctors believe that strength is imperative in the development of healthy, injury free, and pain free individuals. A well balanced person is more protected and less prone to knee, hip and shoulder injuries, headaches, back pain, neck pain and more. As a result of developing a strong foundation through our protocols, you will be more resilient to the stresses of life!

We have worked hard to bring health and wellness to the SPC Community. The doctors have created a specific spine and movement rehab program that strengthens the nervous system using functional movement and structural correction chiropractic. This optimizes the structure that the muscles and joints of the body rely on to stay STRONG! Through this, we change lives everyday at SPC!

Dr. P and Dr. M both have a passion and purpose to living the Strong Performance lifestyle physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They combine these four pillars to strive for more for themselves and their patients. The SPC Lifestyle is all about growing to be 1% better everyday by concentrating on a variety of ways to improve overall health and wellbeing.

  • The doctors help you become PHYSICALLY STRONGER by coaching you to take the time and effort to move/lift/train/workout/sweat daily.
  • The doctors help you become MENTALLY STRONGER by helping you become intentional about the thoughts and words used when communicating to others and to yourself.
  • The doctors help you become EMOTIONALLY STRONGER by guiding you to developing a practice of gratitude and love for experiences and relationships in your overall life.
  • The doctors help you become SPIRITUALLY STRONGER by helping to ensure that you develop practices for enjoying nature and all life has to offer.
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