Why we love Kettlebells!

Why we love Kettlebells!Strength is a way of life at Strong Performance Chiropractic. SPC glorifies all varieties of strength, not just physical strength. Our mission is to educate people on the importance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. We use kettlebells to teach natural and fundamental movement patterns. Kettlebell training covers the bases of many of our 4 Pillars of Strong Performance.

The Kettlebell offers tremendous versatility. A kettlebell instructor can design kettlebell workouts that incorporate any or all of the following:  muscle activation, dynamic strength, explosiveness, power development, increasing strength, and endurance training.

When training with Kettlebells, a significant importance is put on hip hinging and bending techniques. SPC teaches the basic hinge before progressing to a kettlebell deadlift or swing. After mastering the fundamentals and gaining confidence, training with Kettlebells leads to a feeling of empowerment. When you work so hard to learn the fundamentals of the Turkish Get Up or 1/2 Viking Salute and then finally nail it, you develop a sense of confidence that empowers you to flourish in other areas of life. When you push through to complete a mentally or physically challenging workout, you expand your boundaries and gain the ability to push further outside your comfort zone.

Kettlebells are an ideal way to train for your future. As we age, two things impact our ability to stay independent: grip strength and balance. Every Kettlebell exercise facilitates grip strength in a healthy plane. Proper form with kettlebells supports a strong, healthy grip by keeping the wrist neutral. Many kettlebell exercises facilitate core strengthening and neuromuscular coordination. Core and nervous system integrity are the foundation to maintaining balance.

Not only do we train our SPC Members on safely and functionally lifting Kettlebells, but we use them in our own workouts too. We often get patients who ask us what we do to get so strong. The answer is simple; we train with kettlebells. Gone are the days of leg day, back day, arm day, and chest day. When you train with kettlebells, every day is FULL BODY DAY.

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