The Compounding Effects of Concussions

Athletics provide us with tremendous benefits: exercise, socialization, life lessons, stress outlet and more. But with all rewards in life, there comes a risk. Concussions are one of the most negative outcomes in sports.

Concussions are confusing for many people. Even nowadays they often go undiagnosed. Even more often than that, concussion victims don’t get the treatment they need because even doctors don’t have a concrete understanding of the best recovery and prevention methods.

At SPC, we work on restoring the proper alignment to the spine. Concussions create trauma to the spine. The forces required to injure the brain are greater than the forces required to injure the ligaments of the neck. So if you’ve had a concussion your neck requires treatment to restore its appropriate function. Furthermore, if you don’t rehab your neck after a concussion, your body’s ability to absorb the impacts of a future head trauma is diminished. The alignment of your neck decreases the amount of force applied to your brain from head trauma, so once the alignment of your neck is damaged, one of your body’s natural defenses from head contact is impaired. See the picture for an example of the neck alignment of a patient with post concussion syndrome.

If you or anyone you know has had a concussion, send them to get checked by us at SPC so we can help them be strong and perform strong in all the do.

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